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Mon Jun 9 00:53:49 CDT 2003

--- kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com>
> --- Jay Nelamangala <jay at r-c-i.com> wrote:
> Jay - there is no need for me to aswer any further
> question since you have not answered how does 
> saakshee perceives time and space that senses
> canot perceive.  

Since the Administrator[s] have not sent any
restrictive mail, i am assuming it is ok to clarify
dvaita concepts here.

sAkshi is svarUpa-indriya. It is its own instrument to
perceive; space and time. A blind man also has notions
of space. A man in suShupti also has notions of time
(though it might not match the jAgrat-avasthA time;
OK, we know that you disagree here): thereby pointing
out that sAkshi perceives these by itself. 

Any doctrine alleging loyalty to 'svataH prAmANya' and
'sva-prakAsha' must accept that the essential
consciousness is itself an instrument of knowledge
(hence sAkshi-pratyaksha is also accepted).


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