[Advaita-l] Causal Body

Kotekal, Srinivas [Non-Employee/0200] srinivas.kotekal at pharmacia.com
Fri Jun 6 12:59:05 CDT 2003

Namaste Vidyasankar-ji,

>>But in knowledge-A,  the truth may be determined at the present time,
>>but there is no guarantee that the knowledge-A will not be sublated
>>at a future time.

>Not so. The guarantee that knowledge-A is always true is determined for 
>sAkshI-A by SAstra. As sureSvara puts it, "bodhAtma-vyatirekeNa na paSyati 
>cid anvayAt". As SAstra itself puts it, "yatra tv asya sarvam AtmaivAbhUt, 
>tat kena kaM paSyet ... ..."

>So, no sublation of knowledge-A at a future time. If there is someone who 
>thinks he had brahman knowledge at some point of time, which later got 
>sublated, then the problem is merely that he has not really had pUrNa
>He has mistaken some vision as brahman knowledge. For those who have the 
>certitude of knowledge-A, the question of sublation at a later time does

But, as per our previous discussion on "gauDapAda kArikA-s" topic, it was
mentioned that, Advaita holds, whatever you & I perceive here (in
vyavaharika domain) is ultimately not real in paramArthika level. This
means, what we perceive here about this world and it's business
(knowledge-A) is subsequently sublated when one moves from v-level to
p-level. Don't you agree, this is what Jay is referring to "no guarantee"
knowledge-A ?


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