[Advaita-l] substantive object

Sankaran Aniruddhan ani at ee.washington.edu
Fri Jun 6 09:06:52 CDT 2003

namaste Sri Sadananda,

Does there exist a substantive for any object which is different from its
qualities? Any external object can be grasped only through the senses. If
you take a jar, it can be defined as being made of a particular material,
having a particular shape etc. The qualities are obviously not unique to the
jar itself since another object can be made from the same material, or you
can create another object using a different material and same shape but
which will not be mistaken for a jar at any time. So the jar is just the
aggregate of the different attributes and that is the inherent "jarness". I
don't see why it needs to have, or does have, a "jarness" inherent to
itself. Maybe I'm missing something here.


Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
namAmi bhagavatpAda Sam.karam lokaSam.karam

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