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> How? Through enjoyment, one cannot exhaust vasana-s. It will only get
> stronger. At   least that is my understanding based on Hariharananda
> AraNya's beautiful translation of yoga suutra bhaashhya.

Ravi - In the dream state the 'will' to act is not there at the same
potential - Take for example - the animals - they exhaust vasana-s only
but do not accumulate new vasana-s.  In a way, they are pre-programmed
or what we call instinctively driven, whereas in the human, the
intellect is in high potential (leaving of course people who act as
animals!). There is discriminative intellect that knows right from
wrong.  Sin is therefore defined as the divergence between mind and
intellect - that is exactly the vasana-s.  Man can sin but not animals.
The difference thus exists between waking state and dream state. That is
my understanding. 

> Also in dream, you may create things which do not exist in reality,
> but a
> combination of things which you see in reality. It is indeed a fine
> line to
> decide  whether something created is new or not.

Any creation, even the waking world too - is only assemblage of things -
it is only an apparent transformation - vaacharambhanam vikaaro naama
dheyam - all vikaara is only names and forms.

 naasato vidyate bhaavo naabhaavo vidyatesataH|
is the absolute law of conservation - hence any creation is only
assemblage of that which exists. There is nothing other than existence. 

Creator has to have the knowledge of creation - ghatasya karta
ghataj~naaHa.  I cannot create anything in my dream without the
knowledge of creation - hence I gave example of 'gaagaabuubu'. 

In dream I can assemble things differently from what is there in the
waking state - like men with elephant heads etc but that is only
assemblage using parts of the knowledge I gained in the waking state
only. I cannot dream of an animal with gaagaabuubu head, can I? unless I
know what that blessed gaaggabuubu is!  

The fine line is the waking mind is the creative mind forming the
prakRiti for the dream world -Lord of the waking mind can declare - 
 maya adhyakshena prakRitiH suuyate sacharaacharam| - about the whole
dream world. 

Essence of Mandukya - There lies the beauty of our scriputures -Takes
into consideration the whole experince of the human (complete data)
rather than just the waking state (partial data) to arrive at

There is not much difference between the two states other than that. 

Hari OM!

> Ravi

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