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> praNAm Sri Sadananda prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> prabhuji you wrote :
> Atma is in its swaruupa in all the three states, not just in the deep
> sleep state.
> >  But prabhuji, if the Atman is in swa-swarUpa in all the three
> states,
> then when we are in waking state, why we dont experience the bliss
> that we
> experience in sushupti?  If we say it is coz. of avidya of the vishwa
> (jiva
> in waking state) then we will have to consider a separate
> katru/bhoktru who
> is having the experiences of waking state with the help of indriyas on
> the
> platform of sAkshi cheta:/brahman (dvAsuparNA sayujA skhAya samAnaM
> vruksham parikshajAte).  We forced to accept the duality
> (katru/bhOktru &
> sAkshi) bit confusing... pls. clarify??

Baskarji - I just wrote an exhaustive answer to Srikrishnaa's mail and
some of what you asked is included in that- Please study the answer and
if there is still some questions - I will try to address them to the
best I can.

In principle I am experiencing aatma all the time  but I mistake it some
thing else since I take myself as I am this upaadhi- to start. 

> >  prabhuji, sushupti is the state without any trace of our
> antahkaraNa
> i.e. mind & intellect & this state is called nirvikalpa.  But tamOguNa
> is
> vrutti of mind, how can we attribute sushupti state as tamOguNa
> pradhAna?

Tamo guna is not vRitti of the mind - it is the qualities of the
prakRiti - and ignorance is the tomo guna and knowledge is the nature of
the satva guna and activity is the nature of rajo guna. They are there
all the states as long as prakRiti is there.  They manifest differently
in each state of experience.  When I am studying - satva guna is
predominating and when I am lethargic and sleepy - tamo guna is
predominating and when I am running around then rajo guNa is

> When we are in other two states we will have to deal with BMI
> complexes
> whereas in sushupti these BMI barriers will not be there & will be
> enjoying
> *nirvikalpAnanda*  if this bliss is gained through tamOguNa, then how
> can
> we describe the gunAthIta anada??

nirvikalpa ananda as understood in samaadhi is different from just lack
of vikalpa or thoughts as in deep sleep or when one is drugged. In both
cases absence of mind is there.  In nirvikalpa one is aware of the
absence of thoughts in that state itself.  In deep sleep one is not
aware of oneself. 

> when rajoguna predominates one is pushed back to waking and dream
> states.  The suppressions and oppressions of the waking state provide
> the seed vasana-s for the dream state. The total prarabda karma will
> push one to waking state since one needs body, mind and intellect as
> well as waking environment to exhaust ones vasana-s.
> >  prabhuji you mean to say dreaming state is dependent on waking
> state??
> But in dreaming state we dont think so, no?? though, we will be in our
> own
> created world, we do vyavahAra as if there is separate world outside
> us in
> dream state, we do witness dEsha, kAla parichinna prapancha separate
> from
> ME & we do feel sukha-dukha etc. etc. as we do experience in waking
> state.
> For karmas we do in dream do we attract karma phala?? if not, why
> prabhuji?? what is the difference between waking karma & dreaming
> karma??

In dream we only project what we know based on the waking state. Have
you ever created 'gaagabuubu' in your dream? What is that? Well you have
not obviously since you have no knowledge of gagaabuubu. What you dream
is reflections of your samskaara from the waking or in the previous
waking states - the impressions of which you have.

The difference between waking and dream is the intellect in the dream is
not in its highest potential - hence it is only a bhoga bhuumi - only
exhaust your vasana-s and not collect more. 

> Why we have to come to waking state to exhaust karma phala rather
> vasanas,
> when we equally experiencing all the three states in same REALITY when
> we
> ARE THERE in respective states.  Shruti says *svapnAtam jAgaritAntaM
> cha
> ubhou yEnAnupaShyati! mahAntaM vibhumAtmAnaM matvA dhIrO na
> ShOchati!!*  It
> is clearly said that one who knows the sAkshi cheta: (who is witness
> of
> both jAgrat & swapna states ) will not grieve. So, jAgrat & swapna are
> two
> different avasthas which are entirely different from each other
> correct
> prabhuji??.  Kindly clarify.

Yes they are different - the dream is the creatiing of the waking mind
and the waking world is the creation of the total mind (consists of all
the waking miinds put together) - you can say - one is a subjective-
objective world and the other is objective-objective world. They are
parallel but identical.  

Hari OM!


> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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