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Hari Om !!

--- kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com>
> Atma is in its swaruupa in all the three states, not
> just in the deep
> sleep state. That is why in my response to
> Srikrishna I mentioned that
> aatma which is non-dual is in spite of presence or
> absence of duality. 
> One should be clear about this. In the deep sleep it
> is 'as though'
> illumining the causal body only since the other two
> shariira-s are
> absent. Here too there is no duality of illuminer
> and illumined- mind is
> not there to recognize even the apparent duality.
> One should have clear
> understanding of this too - that no duality
> (apparent or real)can be
> recognized when the mind is not there. 

Here Atma is illuminer not as an external entity; it
is only by being one with it does Atma illumine
anAtma. What causes the mind to fold up ?? (Prakriti
going through creation-maintaining-destruction. I do
not have much comprehension, I am just writing). If it
is that the manifestation comes about because
consciousness 'wills', it should be so.

> >But from
> > this
> > state of non-duality how he (??) comes back to
> other two states i.e.
> > jAgrat
> > & swapna,  what causes him to switch over from
> sushupti to swapna &
> > jAgrat.
> The pressure of the vasana-s will push one to
> different states. 
> Vasana-s are part of the prakRiti which is
> trigunaatmikam - satva, rajas
> and tamoguna. 

What is meant by 'presence of vasanas' ? If vasanas
are present, then mind should be there. In the
previous paragraph you should have said:

"Even if duality is not there, mind can exist". 

On the otherhad Where can prakriti go ? It has to go
back to "purusha", conscious principle. In such case
it can not have independent identity. I am just using
the anology of creation here.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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