[Advaita-l] adhyAsa - part V

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Dear Bhaskar-jI,

I would like to take all comments and questions from all readers
and  include those comments as part of the series  wherever possible.
Some of you have sent me private emails,  and I very well understand
if you do not want to go "public" with your questions,  I will answer
your questions in the series itself to the best of my abilities.

So please bear with me if I don't get to them right away.

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> praNAm Jay prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> prabhuji you wrote :
> So it is incorrect to say *blueness* is superimposed on sky.  All we see
> diffracted sun-light as *blueness* of the sky there is nothing that is
> superimposed there.
> >  Sri Vidyashankar prabhuji has already explained this analogy as how we
> do adhyArOpa & then doing apavAda for the clear understadning of the
> topics.  Further, I'd like to mention that from the pAramArtika view point
> there is no superimposition at all, it is one & only one without a second
> EkamEvAdvitiyam.  But in vyavahAra, in day-to-day life, people are
> practically experiencing this adhyAsa which you cannot deny with the
> support of sheer logic.  That is what Sri Shankara says in bhAShya.  It is
> not proper to say that *blueness* of the sky is not there in vyavahAra.
> no one misconceives *blueness* in sky, does anyone denote in the manner
> *This is sky alone* not *blueness* superimposed sky??  correct prabhuji...
> like that way if there was no adhyAsa with regard to brahman, then the
> whole system of vedAnta ShAstra would not have instructed that Brahman is
> one & the ONLY REALITY.  There is no second entity (duality/dvaita) which
> is not this brahman.
> >  Prabhuji, as you said elsewhere in your series of posts on adhyAsa (III
> or IV), in brahman (chEtana/vishayi) we cannot superimpose a thing
> (jada/viShaya) that which is not its dharma (attribute).  Yes, prabhuji it
> is true that brahman is not an ignorant one who is responsible for
> superimposing a dharma which does not belong to it.  (There is a
> on *locus of avidya* in the list kindly gothrough it).  From the absolute
> point of view, it is evident that brahman is neither ignorant nor
> associated with any delusion.  But problem arises in understanding once
> come to the conclusion that apart from brahman there is another chetana
> which is adhishtAna for this delusion.  This is absoulutely unacceptable
> advaita which strictly upholds the concept of *atmaikatvavAda*.
> >  From the above it is clear that this adhyAsa, object of adhyAsa & the
> adhiShtAna for adhyAsa are all the byproduct of adhyAsa & it is in the
> realm of *adhyAsa* itself.  As you correctly pointed out that it is quite
> evident that there is no substratum as such whatsoever for avidya, it is
> for the sake of discriminating between Atma - anAtma, advaitins say that
> the concept of adhyAsa is antahkaraNa's svAbhAvika dharma which projects a
> thing which is not there!!  & this wrong perception will disappear at the
> dawn of absolute kEvala jnAna.
> >  I humbly request Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji & Sri Vidyashankar prabhuji
> to correct me if I misunderstood/misquoted advaitic view points.
> >  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> >  bhaskar

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