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Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 15:16:33 CDT 2003

Hari Om !!

--- Jay Nelamangala <jay at r-c-i.com> wrote:
> Dear SriKrishna,
> > from known Advaita, Dvaita, Visishtadvaita views
> that
> > will help. 
> > 
> The terms dvaita and advaita are upanishadic terms, 
> so 
> must be understood as their usage is in those
> VedOpanishats.
> dvaita means this world of differeneces.
> advaita means parabrahman
> I live in this world of differences,  and I am
> trying to understand
> that Parabrahman through those vEdOpanishats by the 
> process of 'samanvaya' provided by brahma-sootras.
> Now,  you tell me which school  I belong to?

If you remove the restriction of 'samanvaya', then you
could belong to any school. All schools aspire to
address the issue of 'understanding' the jiva's
relationship to parabrahman only. It is the
conclusions which they came to, and the process and
support they developed to arrive at such conclusions,
that is part of the debate.

Anyway, I understand you are inclined to 'Madhva'
school of thought. This should certainly help the
people participating in the discussion.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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