[Advaita-l] Athi Vrishti or Ana Vrishti

Sundaram, Vaidya (MED) Vaidya.Sundaram at med.ge.com
Thu Jul 24 13:09:06 CDT 2003

> i dont understand why even a casual remark i 
> make is taken to such a cudgel and bellicose 
> by some people............like this...

Lets get some things straight. If you want to make a casual remark about
there being too many mails or none at all then say it and leave it at
that. There is just NO need to bring up the issue of admin policy about
not more than 2 mails a day. You brought it up in your post. Not me or
Ravi. So ... don't try to pass the buck ... 

> Nothing but some private mails that i received 
> from people like vaidya sundaram etc. prevented 
> me from posting any mail. 

The private email was sent for a PARTICULAR TOPIC being off focus of
this list. If you want to carry on discussions on any and all subject
under the sun or above it, let me re-iterate: THIS IS NOT THE PLACE for
that. None of us administrators said "stop posting" - we never have, we
hope we don't have to. We only request you stick to the list focus. When
discussions get too noisy and off focus, we request self moderation like
our request to you in a private mail. 
Before I sent you the private mail, I made two public postings on the
list requesting self moderation. I mentioned last time in my private
mail, and yesterday in the list - if you have thoughts/comments/issues,
send listmaster the comments. Don't make this a list issue.

> they have got some mysterious license of 
> segregating "mere intellectual/academic" 
> issues from those of "Practical" and i was 
> told that all my posting are in the nature of the former.

There is nothing mysterious about it. This is not a public soc.something
list. You knew the list policies when you subscribed. It was
specifically mentioned in the first mail you would have gotten that you
send us your intro only if you ACCEPT the list policies. If you don't
accept the list policies, you are free to leave. 

> If you really mean, then why dont any 
> moderator send me what are the objectives, 
> what topics are allowed and what not.........in this list.

See the introductory mail you got - it was sent to you for a purpose -
the purpose of identifying the list goals and policies - they are
clearly spelt out there. Did you not read it? If you did read it, what
are you complaining about?

For everyone's reference, I attach it again below. It clearly spells out
the direction we want this list to take. If this is not your primary
focus, then this list or the moderators cannot help you. Don't post to
this list that some one is bellicose please.


1) Advaita-L is a open, unmoderated list to discuss advaita-vedanta as
taught by shrI shankara. By advaita-vedanta, the tradition established
by shrI shankara and the maThas created to is referred.

2) Even though the major emphasis is on advaita-vedanta taught by shrI
shankara, topics related advaita-vedanta are welcome. Purpose of other
related articles should be to aid the understanding of advaita-vedanta.

3) Articles promoting bhakti within the framework of vedAnta are most
welcome.  The articles should be acceptable to the framework of
advaita-vedanta.  Even though advaita-vedanta holds that liberation
is through AtmajnAnam, bhakti is always emphasized.

4) Items 2 and 3 are vague, as the maintainer of the List, We reserve
the right on acceptability of articles. In the case the articles are
unacceptable, it will be informed in private and resolved in private.

5) Discussion of nAstika traditions and their philosophies are not
allowed. By nAstika traditions,  traditions like buddhism and
jainism are meant . But scholarly articles comparing these traditions
advaita-vedanta will be accepted. These articles should be sent to
the list administrators and not to the list.

6) Posters should not be disrespectful to towards saints and sages of
other traditions, and should show respect towards each other as well.

7) Administrators of the list reserve the final word on issues like
acceptability of posts. These decisions will be based on the list
scope. In case of doubt, knowledgeable members of the list will be

For List Administrators.


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