[Advaita-l] Harmony with Saguna Nirguna and other issues

narayan nkprabhu at vsnl.net
Wed Jul 23 08:15:54 CDT 2003

Dear All

I am a new member; not quite sure the way I am asking/raising these issues:--

(A)At an intelectual plane I do BELIEVE that NIRGUNA is far superior to SAGUNA)(spirtual sense).

     However,I am still very comfortable with the SAGUNA Form.

(B)Everthing is constituted of th FIVE ELEMENTS.

      Is it possible to view (through human perception) the disintegration process anywhere?

(C)LOVE (PURE UNSULLIED LOVE) alone Is the hallmark of divinity.
     How could one raise the CONSCIOUSNESS of living beings in this direction?

(D)Kali Yuga Is Fast Acclerating EATING into the BASICS (VALUES).
     CAN WE DO SOMETING about it as an email satsang group.

Looking forward for a spirtual understanding.


narayan krishna prabhu

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