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> Does the
> anvaya-vyatireka involve negation of the trasmigrating jIva also? 

>From my understanding: 

anvaya-vyatireka aspect is eloberately discussed by Shree Vidyaranya in
the  first chapter of Panchadasi.  Shree Sadananda yogiindra also
discussed this aspect as part of jahaajahallakshaNa in his "Vedanta

In a nut shell - one is there the other is there is anvaya
and one is not there and the other is not there is vyatireka. 

Ring is there and gold is there - anvya - this shows interrelation.
Ring is not there but gold is still there -Hence vyatireka fails. That
failure puts the two at two different degrees of reality. 

Body is there and I am there - anvyaya.

Body is not there ( I am not conscious of the body in dream or deep
sleep states) but I am still there - hence vyatireka fails. By this
process, we eliminate our identity with the body and deduce it as

Hari OM!

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