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Fri Jul 11 12:40:08 CDT 2003

>tat tvam asi is explained by Sankara by means of anvaya-vyatireka 
>reasoning in the brahmasUtra bhAshya, which sureSvara follows closely. Although 
>there are some differences in detail, this comes v. close to the 
>bhAga-tyAga-lakshaNa adopted by padmapAda and the vivaraNa tradition. 
>So, it is mistaken to interpret padmapAda and sureSvara as endorsing only one 
>of the above cases. This error arises out of putting too much weight on 
>the analogies used by each - padmapAda uses bimba-pratibimba vAda and 
>sureSvara adopts AbhAsa vAda ...
I did not understand one point in sureSvra's reading. Does the anvaya-vyatireka involve negation of the trasmigrating jIva also? The doubt is arising because sureSvara seems to be saying that the "tvam" in "tat tvam asi" is not directly applicable to the transmigrating jIva, as it (tvam) is qualified by "tat". (The space (AkAsa) in the pot and the space in the sky analogy also prevents us from taking this literally)
What is the difference between pratibimba and AbhAsa? Both mean reflection, right?

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