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On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Nagarjuna Siddhartha wrote:

>  Beg your pardon but I had a different intention in mind. I feel that
> the acknowledgement of Ishwara as the supreme controller might perhaps
> damage the non-dual sAdhana of a sAdhaka. What I am unable to comprehend
> is, how a sAdhaka can accept Ishwara as controlling everything as a
> master and still proceed with the non-dual sAdhana. The paradox here is
> that while the former is a master-slave relationship, the latter is one
> of Self-sovereignity.

Some observations.

First of all within the Indian tradition the relationship between Ishwara
and Bhakta has been expressed in several ways not just master-slave.  I.e.
parent-child, (Yashoda-Krishna,) friends (Arjuna-Krishna,) lovers
(Radha-Krishna) even enemies (Kamsa-Krishna)  If you think about it.
Isn't it in our most cherished human relationships that we see the most
practical examples of non-difference?  I'm sure you've read news stories
of for instance some mother making a heroic effort to save their child
from an accident even by putting herself in danger.  Any strong
relationship requires atleast some submergance of ego.  Even
emnity.  Kamsa was so obsessed by his hate of Krishna Bhagavan he
couldn't stop thinking about Him for a second.  Without this suppression
of ego,  "self-sovreignity" degenerates into mere narcissism.

Second, I'd like to point out that unlike some philosophies where the end
goal is "nothingness" the aim of Advaita vedanta is "fullness" as
expressed by the shantipath "Purnamidam..." by concentrating on the
awesome vibhutis of the Lord and assimilating that into his own
self-image, the sadhaka attains fullness.

Third devotion to one form of God needn't mean denigration of the other
forms.  If I feed my own daughter does it mean I think all the other
children in the world should starve?

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