[Advaita-l] Some basic questions on Advaita

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>>2. Is Ishwara also a reflection? (cidAbhAsa)

>  If we accept jIva, then we will have to accept the creator Ishwara also.

Yes. But is Ishwara also a reflection of brahman?
>>3. Is jIva a reflection of Ishwara or brahman?

>  First, I think, we will have to ascertain whether separate entity called jIva is there apart >from BMI & ahankAra.
My understanding is that jIva is the reflection of "cit" in the intellect. But I dont know if it is a reflection of Ishwara or of brahman? 
I feel that jIva cannot be identified with BMI. But if ahankAra is taken as a possible candidate, then jIva is the false Atman.
>>4. Is it necessary for a sAdhaka to acknowledge the existence of Ishwara or
>>is it enough if he acknowledges brahman?

> As long as we are identifying ourselves with dehAtma buddhi & under the spell of >ajnAna, it is necessary to objectify the unobjectifiable parabrahman for the sake of >upAsana & chitta shuddhi.
Beg your pardon but I had a different intention in mind. I feel that the acknowledgement of Ishwara as the supreme controller might perhaps damage the non-dual sAdhana of a sAdhaka. What I am unable to comprehend is, how a sAdhaka can accept Ishwara as controlling everything as a master and still proceed with the non-dual sAdhana. The paradox here is that while the former is a master-slave relationship, the latter is one of Self-sovereignity. 

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