[Advaita-l] Details of AmnAya maTha-s

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Wed Jul 9 15:30:30 CDT 2003

There is a work called AmnAya stotram and I posted a translation of this
text sometime during October - December 1998. If you search the esribe
archive you will find most of the links.


(If the above link line is broken, paste them together as single line)

This text lists a lot of interesting details about the 4 AmnAya maTha-s.
These details include who was the first aacharya assigned to the maTha, who
is the deva, devata, which vedam, what mahaavakyam, etc.

 Just for example, here is a summary of puuri maTha:


Deity of sringeri is aadi vaaraha svAmi, puuri is jaggannaatha, badari is
shriiman nArayaNa, and dvAraka is siddeshvara.  All the maTha-s also worship
the shiva linga-s brought back by shankara from kailasha.


nagarjunasiddhartha at yahoo.com wrote: ----------

Some more general questions - Is vishNu worshipped as a primary deity (or
one of the primary deities) in any of the maThas? I heard that the South
Indian maThas worship Siva and Sakti alone. Is this true?

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