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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Wed Aug 27 23:59:52 CDT 2003

FWIW I saw nothing in Bhaskars' post or anywhere else in this thread where
there was "bashing" of any deity.  On the contrary getting to the bottom
of why Shankaracharya opposed "Vinayaka" and "saptamatrkas" will only
ENHANCE our faith by revealing the true nature of these deities and the
proper method of their worship.

> Specifically, we have had a few discussions in the
> recent past about Devas. No discussion is leading us
> to any appreciable authenticity, and primarily because
> of these bottlenecks of sentiment and fear to express
> views which do not strictly confer to the views of the
> Sankara Matas.

The ironic thing is that our learned sages of both the past and present
have NOT objected to such questions.  In fact they have encouraged
investigation and reflection as the prime means of ensuring our Dharma
will live on.

Please,  any readers who are puzzled or troubled by some aspect of our
shastras feel free to ask about it.  If it is for the purpose of
knowing truth not just idle argumentation, it is entirely within the
tradition of "Brahma jijnasa" and "Dharma jijnasa" and 100% on topic here.

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