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Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 27 23:26:28 CDT 2003

Hari Om !!

Why do we need lists where people can not express
their opinion freely ?

Where is the consideration for sentiment to such an
extent that we have to abandon discussion altogether.

Advaita siddhanta has HURT sentiments of countless
followers of Ramanuja or Madhva. Why do Advaitins
continue to preach their school ?

The question is of TRUTH. 

I do not know why people are afraid of TRUTH. Is one's
bhakti so weak that it gets disturbed by some comments
of others ?? We must consider first how many people
are suffering because of the ignorance of TRUTH. I am
one such. The amount of confusion in the market place
of spirituality is immense and strictly deserves
bashing and thrashing. Only because people do not
question, every thing runs in the market place of

Specifically, we have had a few discussions in the
recent past about Devas. No discussion is leading us
to any appreciable authenticity, and primarily because
of these bottlenecks of sentiment and fear to express
views which do not strictly confer to the views of the
Sankara Matas. 

I think a first step for a follower is to substantiate
their stand on expressible facts, and not rely on
dogma and cover of sentiments. We are in a better
world, where many are willing to accept new theories
if  only substantiated.

Fear furthers ignorance and vice versa. 

If Sankara was afraid to oppose  several other
philosophical thoughts, we would not be in the Advaita
camp at all. 

In another thread, the discussion of Yoga and Vedanta
as was going on. Sri Vidya Sankar was trying to bring
unity of thought between Yoga and Vedanta, in the
discussion of Samadhi. If all the Yogis of this list
had sentiments and objected, then the discussion would
not have gone so far. After talking a lot Sri Vidya
Sankar came back to reiterate that Yoga is not a
Pramana which was the whole stand of Sri Bhaskar and
Vedanta. Otherwise, there is no reason why people have
to study Vedanta, instead of becoming 'Yogis'.  Well,
then Sankara's stand on Sruthi as pramana is diluted.
Then there ought to be some difference between Yoga
and Vedanta. I am saying all this because if we have
to stick to sentiments, such important discussions can
not go any where.

Incidentally, I was listening to Yoga Sutras today and
it says that Samadhi can alternatively be attained
through 'faith' etc. I will post that separately.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com wrote:
> When trying to understand complex statements in
> shaastra-s be careful
> before bashing ganesha, devii etc. All shankara
> maTha-s worship them and
> aacharya-s of these maTha-s have composed works on
> them.  And more
> importantly you will be hurting the sentiments of
> other bhakta-s who
> traditionally follow shankara maTha-s.
> >  praNAm Ravi prabhuji,
> >  Hare Krishna
> >  Thank you very much for your detailed note on
> sapta mAtruka-s prabhuji.
> Kindly pardon me prabhuji, my intention was not to
> hurt anybody's
> sentiments nor bashing any hindu mythological gods. 
> Infact, I am regularly
> offering *prathama pUja* to Lord gaNEsha & reciting
> devi, duga & Sri sUkta
> & doing shodoshOpachAra pUja to dEvi mAta in
> panchAyatana pUja strictly in
> accordance with smArtha sampradAya.    I thought we
> can have a *open*
> discussion on shankara's commentary on tAmasi pUja. 
> I definitely didnot
> know that it is disturbing the peace of mind in
> gaNEsha & dEvi bhaktas.  I
> am stopping this discussion at once.  I once again
> sincerely offer my
> apologies prabhuji.
> >  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!
> > bhaskar
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