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Dear Mr. Bhaskar, 

in Briha - 1-1-2 or some where near it ( excuse me i dont have my books with me, so i am quoting from my memory which may go wrong also) 

Asadeva idamagra Aseeth..........Mruthuna saravamidam avrutham aseeth.  

a long Bhashya will follow explaining that both Cause and Effect exist before creation.

in that, the second part is the argument to prove that effect exists before creation...

in that context, the Bhashyakara will face an objection:- that the the light only dispels the darkness and immediately the pot is seen.  therefore, light only dispels darkness and there is nothing like lightening the pot.

He will reply to this in the fashion that:-  Sa deepa ....Gharasya Upalabhyatwat... i.e. the pot is perveived only along with the light.  

EXACTLY at  this reply, the Holenarsipur Swamiji has put his footnote explaining that this bhahya on the briharanyaka does not contradict Mandukya Bhashya wherein the Acharya says that once the log of wood is cut, there automatically comes out two pieces, there is nothing like cutting and creating two logs...similar is the case of the function of a Pramana.

Got it !  please translate into English, what the Swamiji is telling there, i cannot understand it, as it has been written in kannada.

Thanks & Regards,

Sadgurubhyo Namah.

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