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On Sun, 22 Sep 2002, nanda chandran wrote:

> If "neti yoga" means yoga based on "neti, neti", I would think that it is a
> pretty accurate description for what is taught in the form of the pancha
> kosha doctrine in Vivekachoodaamani.

Yes but that's a description.  It's not a yoga in the sense of a
systematic kind of sadhana.  It would be jnanayoga which leads to the
point where you can say "neti neti."

At the very least it would involving understanding the meaning of the
phrase which Michael obviously didn't.

> But to make such an assertion you should have in the minimum read all works
> on Advaita - atleast Shankara's works - but only a couple of days back you
> yourself have admitted that you've not even read a very important work like
> Upadesha Saahasri.

Yes this is a lack, one which I've already begun to remedy.  But I'm
puzzled as to why you don't think I can assert confidence after reading
Prasthana trayi, Bhamati, and a host of other works.  Do you really I
think I'm going to encounter such a huge surprise after reading Upadesha

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