neti yoga

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Sep 21 21:02:11 CDT 2002

>My objection to Neti Yoga (to get back to the start of this thread) is >not
>about being "orthodox" or "liberal" but even more basic than >that.  It is
>gibberish, two random words strung together.  It does not >help us know

If "neti yoga" means yoga based on "neti, neti", I would think that it is a
pretty accurate description for what is taught in the form of the pancha
kosha doctrine in Vivekachoodaamani.

>If I seem very smug and certain in my opinions, it is because I am
>confident they were built on solid rock.

But to make such an assertion you should have in the minimum read all works
on Advaita - atleast Shankara's works - but only a couple of days back you
yourself have admitted that you've not even read a very important work like
Upadesha Saahasri.

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