Upadesha Sahasri

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Fri Sep 13 20:29:34 CDT 2002

>The prose part seems to be interconected (it has 3 sub-sections) and >its
>scope is -let us say- methodological;  and led the attention of >the
>disciple to the 3 steps of hearing-thinking-meditation ....

It is to be noted that at the end of the prose section the disciple claims
to have attained brahma vidhya.

>In any case, the complete reading of the Upadesa gives a
>clear and strong introduction to the spiritual scope of the advaita.

Infact in my opinion Upadesha Sahasri is a must read for all serious
Advaitins. While Shankara might follow Baadaraayana's line of
Vedaantic exposition in his Shaareeraka Bhaashyam and thus restrict himself,
the Upadesha Saahasri is a work where Shankara has full freedom to expound
Advaita as he wishes. Also while the BSB is volumnious, the Upadesha
Saahasri is short and concise - so much more accessible. The work being
recognized as a genuine work of the aachaarya, especially in the chapter
"Tat tvam asi" contains such profound understanding of the Self and self,
which I've not observed in works like Atma Bodha or Vivekachoodaamani. Very,
very essential reading.

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