Upadesha sahasri

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The prose part seems to be interconected (it has 3 sub-sections) and its
scope is -let us say- methodological;  and led the attention of the disciple
to the 3 steps of hearing-thinking-meditation .... The 19 chapters of the
verse section, are semi- independent topics, the former most brief, and they
become more elaborated up to the 18 chapter which is -possibly- most
important in the whole work, and there you can find an analysis, deep one,
of the thou art thou. for the purpose of the basic teaching or basic studing
of advaita, the prose part is more accurate.  that is the reason why swami
Jagadananda starts his edition with this, prose, Gadhyabandha, section.
Mayeda makes the opposite. He chooses the padhyabandha (verse section) as an
introduction.  In any case, the complete reading of the Upadesa gives a
clear and strong introduction to the spiritual scope of the advaita. I
apologize for my english, but I hope you might understand me
regards to all

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> On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, nanda chandran wrote:
> > Upadesha Saahasri is divided into two portions : a prose part and a
> > part. Each is independant and complete on its own.
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> I've not read this work myself so I can't really comment but isn't it true
> that the prose section comments on the verses?  Perhaps Ken or Olivia can
> address this and other points you have raised.
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