The mind according to Sri Shankaracharya.

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 11 11:28:04 CDT 2002

>> You write your
>>own definitions in a book of your own and read for
>>yourself. I am not here to learn your definitions.
>Don't learn my definitions! Who asked you to learn my definitions?! If an
>idiot says 2+2=5, why do you go ahead and 'learn' that 2+2=5? Why are you
>scared of even clearing his doubts?

Okay. Here is where we moderators step in and request everybody to stop
this discussion. There is no need to bicker in the above fashion.

This is an ADMIN request, and if not heeded, we will be forced to kill this
thread ourselves. Frankly, we do not want to actively moderate this list,
but we will, if we are given no other choice. So, Kiran and Srikrishna and
everybody else, for a couple of days, try not to continue this thread (and
all other related ones, having to do with freezing water by boiling it).


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