Difficulty in replying

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Wed Sep 4 10:52:38 CDT 2002

 can you try sending your email to ADVAITA-L at lists.advaita-vedanta.org and 

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09/04/02 10:50 AM

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        Subject:        Difficulty in replying

 Do you see any error messages or back ups on the mail server? I just got 
this email from a new member, Michael Blate. 

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yogafarm at webtv.net (yogafarm) 
09/03/02 05:31 PM 
        To:        vaidya_sundaram at i2.com 
        Subject:        Difficulty in replying

Hello and namasté -- I have tried to reply to the Advaita list at the
e-ddress in the "Cc:" line, but have had my e-mail returned twice.  Is
there a problem or am I, perhaps, doing something wrong?  I use WebTV --
would this make a difference.  I saw you had posted my introductory
letter last week, to which someone had commented.  I then tried to
respond to that person, but have seen nothing in the list, to date.
This is in addition to the two "bounce-backs" I received upon trying to
post a query to the list.  Many thanks and namasté ...

Michael Blate
Executive Director

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