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Namasté -- as a new member reading the commentaries, I have several

1.) Regarding "consciousness in comas ...": Is it not true that
awareness during comas (or any other type of unconsciousness) would be
dualistic?  That is, if there were an "observer" watching his / her own
unconsciousness, wouldn't that qualify as "dualism" ... and thus not be

In full samadhi -- isn't it "nirvitarka samadhi"? -- there is only "pure
consciousness," and nobody is actually "watching" -- it is a kind of
"no-mind experience," as my classes have learned it.  For us, this is
the equivalent of advaita or being "One without a second."

In short, wouldn't knowing when we are Brahman or Atman negate the
Oneness state and thus be mutualy exclusive?

2.) Regarding the Wise One running 100 meters in 2 seconds, flat: In
maya, isn't anything possible?  Bi-location -- i.e., running the 100
meters in 0 seconds -- is one of the many siddhis, no?

Further, Sathya Sai Baba has certainly demonstrated far more interesting
metaphysical feats (which, to me, prove the unreality of maya) than
merely doing the hypothetical 100/2 dash or "making ice from boiling
water" ...

3.) In non-dualism, can there be gods, devis or devatas, temples and
such?  To whom should God / Brahman pray?  Or if these are only seen as
aspects of the mind / maya, one is left to ask: What mind?  What maya?

Enjoying your postings -- namasté ... Michael Blate

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