nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 3 20:43:28 CDT 2002

Is your intention to really find an answer to your question or to prove that
you've a question that nobody can answer? If it is the latter no answer
anybody gives is going to satisfy you - if it is the former you've to take
greater pains to understand.

>It is immaterial to me in which "sense" he controls.
>If there is any "sense" in which he controls, your
>allegation that The Unreal cannot be controlled is
>If the Unreal is truly uncontrollable, you cannot have
>your pet dog get newspapers for you. If the Unreal is
>truly uncontrollable, no such thing as mukthi is
>possible - because even the path to mukthi is full of
>control of the Unreal!
>My question is - in a jnAni, is this capability to
>control the Unreal infinte?

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