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Tue Sep 3 07:23:06 CDT 2002

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I had a Darshan of Lord Krishna. There was
also a  benign looking Swamiji by His side. The Lord
was in his usual self, all cheerful, his hand raised
in benediction. But the Swami was a bit perturbed.

Woe unto me, I could have asked for Brahmajnana but
Kiran's persistent 100m question was weighing my mind.
Perhaps the Lord could sense my discomfiture and also
guess my intention for he nudged the Swami by his

The Swami spoke. "Hello Jagannath," he said,it is at
my prodding that the Lord has come to you."

"But Swami who are you?" I asked after respectfully
prostrating before him.

"I am the President of the Brahmajnani Mahasangha. Our
Headquarters is at Kailash. I came to Brahmaloka to
meet the Lord. We both decided that you were our only

"But Swami," I asked, "what is it that plagues you?"

He looked hesitant but a loving glance of the Lord
pushed him on. "It's about Kiran," he said.

"Oh what a coincidence! I was just about to mention
him." I burst out. "He has been raising a question
whether a Jnani can run the 100m in 2secs. The
advaita-vedanta forum is fighting on bravely but
nobody, it seems, has the answer."

"Leave alone the advaita-vedanta forum," sighed the
Swami, "the whole world is at stake."

"What has happened Swami?"

"At Kailash," gulped the Swami," all the brahmajnanis
are now at the stadium each vying the other to run the
100m in 2 secs."

"Oh!", I said, "has anybody achieved the feat?"

"No, the root of the problem is nobody knows where to
start and where to end. Being beyond maya they are
today a confused lot. There is no East, West, North,
South in Kailash you know. There is also no sense of
distance. Moreover, all being brahmajnanis, who will
decide who has won?"

That was a tricky issue. I turned to the Lord,
"Father," I said reverently, "do you have the answer?"

"You decide Jagannath." The Lord winked.

His wink was a blessing of sorts. I had a brainwaive.
"My Lord," I said, "kindly ask the brahmajnanis to
alight in the mortal fold. Here they will have
everything they ask for. They can also join the
advaita-vedanta forum and narrate their experiences on
the track."

"Tathastu," said the Lord and in a flash they were

Woe to me I could not ask for brahmajnana.


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