Consciousness during coma,death

Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 2 04:49:18 CDT 2002

Dear Chandra,

> > 1. Why even when there is utter inner silence
> during
> > deep-sleep
> > or coma, the Self doesn't become effulgent as it
> > would upon
> > the Realisation. As there is nothing to veil it or
> > taint it
> > as during waking state or dreamy-sleep, it should
> > become
> > self-effulgent even in a naastikaa, right? What is
> > obstructing
> > the revelation here ?

How do we know for sure that Revelation is really
being obstructed? How do we know that that itself is
not the Realized state? Is it only because after
coming back to the normal (waking) state the person
reverts to his ajnAna?


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