Consciousness during coma,death

Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 2 04:33:49 CDT 2002

> For any Knowledge of an object to take place, there
> should be a Vritti of the similar 'qualities' in the
> mind. i.e a Vishayakara Vritti.
> Similarly, for the Absolute knowledge there should
> be
> a Brahmakara Vritti. When mind itself is dormant,
> there is no Vritti, and hence no Jnana.

Doesn't Shri Shankara say that the complete
destruction of chitta (and therefore of all its
Vrittis) is necessary for braHmaprApthi? Is the name
braHmAkAra "vritti" given to that state of the chitta
after the complete destruction of all its vrittis?

Shri Shankara gives an example of how jnAna must
self-destruct  like "chillada-beejada-pudi" (that's
the kannada word...sorry I don't know the English or
Sanskrit equivalent, but it's some kind of powder
which removes floating impurities in water) settles at
the bottom of a pot of water after purifying the

A quote of Sri Ramakrishna comes to the mind in this

"Brother, go beyond both knowledge and ignorance. He
who has knowledge has ignorance also. If a thorn has
entered your foot, get another thorn and with its help
take out the first; then throw away the second also."


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