Consciousness during coma,death

Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Sun Sep 1 23:37:11 CDT 2002

Dear Jagannath,
   People I know, call me Chandra, anyways.. So no problem..

   Reg. the subject matter: Mind is surely dead during deep-sleep
and coma state. It is because of the inner consciousness (and not mind) 
which exists in all states of being, that we say "I slept peacefully"
etc., in my limited understanding.

But I am afraid you are mistaken about the intent of my question. My 
intent is not to question the existence of the Self during deep-sleep 
or during coma. But to know two things:
1. Why even when there is utter inner silence during deep-sleep
or coma, the Self doesn't become effulgent as it would upon
the Realisation. As there is nothing to veil it or taint it
as during waking state or dreamy-sleep, it should become
self-effulgent even in a naastikaa, right? What is obstructing 
the revelation here ?

2. How do we say that the subtle body eventually takes off
and makes its trans-migratory travel upon death? The question
arises because if the post-death state of the subtle-body is
only an eternal void (just like coma state), I can't imagine 
how it would exist. The website that I sent in my previous mail
on this subject gives a little explanation.. It does say that
the subtle-body swoons upon death just like coma state. Thereupon
the mantras wake it up.
   I apologise to the members, if I am dragging into realms
of discussion unrelated to this list.


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