Consciousness during coma,death

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I will have to refer to the book, "Life after death"
once again. But as far as I remember he gives tangible
proof about a transient state between life and death
where the vital body persists a while.

He gives instances of planchet where spirits are
called and reply through a medium. He cites a
particular case where he was at such a session with
some Greeks. The spirit that came was of a childhood
friend of Swami Abhedananda. The Swamiji was not even
aware of his death. Moreover the medium wrote in
Bengali, a script he (the medium) never knew.

Almost every sadhak reports such spirits in the subtle
plains. Swami Brahmananda speaks of a Vaishnav spirit
who woke him up regularly at Brindavan so that he
would not miss his early morning japam.

Sri Ramakrishna came across some spirits in a garden
house in Calcutta. The ghosts urged Him to go away as
they were unable to bear the intensely spiritual
atmosphere around Him.

Swami Vivekananda performed the sraddha of some bound
spirits who appealed to him at Kannyakumari.

So such instances abound.


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> Dear Jagannath,
>     Can you share your readings from Swami
> Abhedananda?
>     Thanks,
>     chandra.
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> Dear Chandra/Roger,
> I don't think that either coma or death leads to a
> void. The mind continues to remain active in a
> coma/after death. I have read instances of comatose
> people coming out of the state and narrating their
> experiences and also about near death experiences
> where the person survives clinical death. I have
> read
> some very interesting and practical views on the
> subject by Swami Abhedananda and Sadhu J P Vaswani.
> Both their narrations are in total conformity with
> intuitive medical opinion on the subject.
> Regards
> Jagannath
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