Consciousness during coma,death

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Dear Jagannath,
   I have, and I am sure many of you too, the experience of
fainting (if not coma). At the end of the period of passing
out, I could clearly feel that it was void a while ago when
I blacked out. Even I have heard that when a patient woke up
from coma-state after about a week, he said he didn't know
what happened.. I presume he must have experienced a total
void even then.
   I am personally very sure about the state during fainting.
It is void. All the anthakaraNaa-s are completely dormant,
I would say even temporarily dead. Mind can't be active in 
this state. Otherwise it would be like a dream-state. Fainting
state is something like deep-sleep where mind is dead. Even 
when we go into deep-sleep we hardly feel how much time we
have slept. This is because of complete cessation of inner
   I am back to square-one on my question.. Please shed some
more light.


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Dear Chandra/Roger,

I don't think that either coma or death leads to a
void. The mind continues to remain active in a
coma/after death. I have read instances of comatose
people coming out of the state and narrating their
experiences and also about near death experiences
where the person survives clinical death. I have read
some very interesting and practical views on the
subject by Swami Abhedananda and Sadhu J P Vaswani.
Both their narrations are in total conformity with
intuitive medical opinion on the subject.


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