Consciousness during coma,death

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> Dear Roger,
>     Are you meaning that "yes.. it's void after death just like coma
> state"? If
> so, then it does not explain to me the rebirth of an unrealised *soul* (the
> subtle
> body).
>     I am not yet clear through your mail. Please clarify further with your
> thoughts.
>      Thanks.
>      -chandrasekaran.

Dear Chandrasekaran

Good question. Please bear in mind that this an unenlightened being who is
attempting to answer it and treat my reply with circumspection. I can only
try to pass on what understanding I've obtained from accounts of the teaching
of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. According to SRM the whole idea of causality
is part of maya. From the enlightened perspective there is no causality. Now
here is the the really difficult bit; all the other concepts so dear to us,
both religious and scientific go out of the window with it - Science, Karma,
rebirth, the lot. From the enlightened perspective, they are all just
appearances, not real. I was very shaken when I heard this but some deep
instinct also told me that I had encountered truth. From our dualistic
viewpoint however there is rebirth . The subtle body, collection of mental
tendencies, samskaras, however you wish to call it, survive death in some way
and eventually identify with another "physical" body - in other words the
conventional viewpoint we all take for granted.

Hari Om

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