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> The scholars of Vishishtadvaita and Dvaita (who, I
> am sure, have complete
> understanding of their respective philosophies) have
> traditionally
> established their philosophies only in opposition to
> Advaita. I therefore
> find it hard to believe that A and V/D can be the
> same in essence.

But he does, and that is the point behind the
Ramakrishna Mission. As to how exactly he does - only
those who understand A, V and D completely can say...

> I personally think that such a question will remain
> unanswered. Whether a
> Brahmavid can or cannot do this, a real Brahmavid
> will remain unconcerned
> with this and will not answer this question or
> undergo the experiment.

Here you are assuming that a braHmavid has renounced
all karma-s. This is not necessary. Although Shri
Shankara preaches sarvakarma sannyasa for a mumukShu,
he does not PREVENT an accomplished jnAni from
performing karma. A jnAni sees no difference between
karma and akarma. Those jnAnis who choose karma choose
it for lOkasamgraHa, and might (why might, will) have
to perform superhuman feats.

Such braHmavids as adopting a life of karma after
mukthi cannot be unconcerned about powers in the
material world.

> I think you are still identifying the Brahmavid with
> His body. By (advaita)
> definition, the Brahmavid is Brahman, and therefore
> Everything, therefore
> he already exists at the place 100m from where his
> body is! In one sense,
> you can say that he can run 100m in no time at all!

I am not "identifying" the braHmavid with his body. I
am only saying that he who has identified himself with
the Supreme must be able to tune every atom in his
body and outside it according to his will, though they
may be infinitely removed from him.

Of course the braHman exists here and 100m from here.
But the braHmavid's physical body does not. It is that
which needs to run. And if the braHmavid can make
every atom in the world dance to his tune, he can make
his body run 100m in 2s.

And if the braHmavid who chooses to do karma in this
material world is no better in its performance than an
ajnAni who is propelled by kaama, he will prove
himself useless in the material world and bring a bad
name to braHmajnAna itself!


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