Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Sep 1 03:55:34 CDT 2002

Dear List Members,

I think both Kiran and the list are right in their
respective stands. Kiran does not claim to be a
brahmavid therefore his query is justified. The list
is right on the same grounds i.e. none on the list is
a brahmavid either.

But I believe the list has been honest in not trying
to answer Kiran's question in 0 or 1.

The mind of a brahmavid is uncharted territory. Even
his behaviour in the world is a puzzle. As per the
shastras the brahmavid can act in either or all of

1. Like a child (balakvat)
2. Like a madman (unmadvat)
3. Like a ghoul  (pishachvat)

So one knows that to predict any reaction from a
brahmavid is well neigh impossible. He may laugh
guilelessly at Kiran's question, he may scoff at it,
he may perform the feat, he may tear Kiran to pieces
for having questioned his ability, he may resort to

I think the only way out is to direct Kiran to a
brahmavid. I don't have the email address of one. Can
anyone on the list help?


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