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> I do understand your logical reasoning that Jyotish is a part of
> Vedanga and as a follower this forms a part of karma..but
>    Q. Could you kindly illustrate where does it advocate/preach
> this. which work of Bhagavatpada or any of the seers is
> prognostication specifically mentioned as acceptable OR Is there
> any discussion of this topic itself in the philosophy? (may be I
> am being too explorative).

Ramana Maharshi has commented on astrology a few times. In the book "Day
by Day with Bhagavan," Devaraja Mudaliar records on 6-1-46 that he had
asked RM for His view on astrology and was told, "It is all right ("adu
sari daan"). If you accept the theory of karma, you would also have to
accept astrology and horoscope."

But RM himself never cared for astrology. On a later date, Mudaliar writes
about an astrologer who tried to read RM's palm but wasn't able to do so,
as RM couldn't be persuaded to lend his hand to be read by a palmist. RM
only said,"We don't understand the present, why try to understand the

There is also the story of a very famous and successful astrologer called
Venkateswara Sarma who asked RM, "Bhagavan, is not astrology the best and
most accurate of all sciences?" In silence Bhagavan looked at him deeply
for some time. Then, slowly but firmly, he replied: "The science of the
Self is superior to all other sciences."

I don't have the exact reference for the last story, only that I read it
on a website that narrates some stories of Ramana Maharshi:

> >The system of Purva Mimansa seeks answers to
> >questions like what is Dharma and why we do what we do when we do
> >various Vaidik karmas. Advaita deals with >Sannyasis and no
> >karmas are enjoined on
> >Sannyasis.
>    Thanks for your enlightening view. I strongly feel that Advaita
> deals not only with Sanyasis but also with Grihasthas and other
> forms of living, not just human life..but alsi all other forms.
> Q.Could you elucidate where Shankara/other leaders have advocated
> that The Tatva of Advaitha is meant only for "Sanyasis only"..

According to H.H. Chandrashekhara Bharati, only sannyaasis can get
realization on reading the advaitic texts. Other people can also read
them, but will not obtain realization. "There is no prohibition on reading
the advaitic texts by those who have not taken up sannyaasa, but such
studying will only form a mental impression that may be useful after
taking up sannyaasa." (From the book "The Saint of Sringeri")


>   = Hemang


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