Kunthi Stuthi

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>From what I read elsewhere, the "stuthi" must be somewhere 
between the kurukshetra war ending and Bhishma's anthima gathi. 
Krishna saves child Parikshit in the womb of Abhimanyu's wife 
from an enemy's arrow. Later Krishna takes leave from Kunthi 
and the Pandavas. At this time Kunthi prays to Krishna to always 
shower His grace on them which is the "Kunthi Stuthi".
I am not sure which parvan. Can someone in this list who knows 
can point out?


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> > Dear Members,
> >      I would like to know if there is any on-line source for "Kunthi
> > Stuthi" on Lord Hari. I would be very grateful if any pointers are
> > provided or someone can post the text on this list.
> >
> It sounds like it is from the Mahabharata. If so I could 
> probably find it
> for you but the Mahabharata is huge and I don't have an index.  If you
> knew which parvan atleast it would be helpful.
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