Concept of personal God and Advaita

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<<> So, we come to the question again, is scripture essential? And if so, in
> what way and why?>>

Some time back a member had quoted a verse from Rk veda to show that the
words of Rk veda exist at 4 levels, of which only one is perceptible to even
sages. The knowledge revealed by the vedas themselves is contained in those 3
higher strata. So, my understanding is that even when we follow the
scriptures we are not guided by the words alone. We need the guidance of an
acharya - in other words, "AchArya pramANA" is essential to guide us to the
truth that the scriptures reveal. Then how do we distinguish a realized soul
from an imposter? That is where scriptures become essential. In Bhagavad
Gita, Krishna talks about the characteristics of a realized soul. So, it is
chicken and egg - you need the scriptures to identify a realized person and a
realized person to reveal the scriptures to you.

Other members may kindly correct the understandings of this beginner, if

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