Concept of personal God and Advaita

Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT] sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM
Fri May 24 15:14:11 CDT 2002

Ms. Stephanie:

Regarding Guru and scriptures, there is no proving logic that they are
needed (apart from the pramANam-route).  But ask any sincere Sadhaka and he
will tell that some point of time or another he must have needed "HELP".
That "HELP" is provided by the Guru.  Yes there are schools of thought which
claim that a man can find his true self, himself.  I can't disprove it.  I
only know that I cannot do it myself, I need help.  I find Guru and
scriptures very helpful.


Ms. Stephanie wrote:

I don't believe a Guru is always necessary.  Some people are born with

I worry about saying that scriptures and gurus are necessary (and by
necessary I mean that awareness is impossible without them), since that
seems to create another false reality.  Anytime we say "this is necessary
for that," we put curtains up around ourselves blocking out knowledge.
We surround ourselves with further constructions, no matter what faith or
philosophy  we are talking about and that can prevent us from Seeing.

Does that mean that scriptures are unimportant.  No of course not.  They are
a vital part of this process.  But to not acknowledge the differences within
ourselves and instead outline a controlled path for people to follow, is not
seeing truth and reality as it is.  That we are all different and take
different paths to Truth.  Hence, the multiplicity in the One.

Thank you.


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