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Fri May 17 11:40:24 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

I am really surprised how this self-proclaimed
Logician Raha introduces new interpretations (exposing
his lack of perspective) and when some one asks
specific questions, he is not attempting to answer
them so we can steer the drive to the correct

He has made his remarks about Swami Vivekananda's
eating meat, Gayatri mantra being written by a woman,
His Karma Yoga Interpretaions (and my questions to
him), Brahmins distorting several scriptures to
maintain their superiority, Gayatri recitation - but
if women do so - then there would be an imbalance in
the population,  "Even a woman can attain..." - now I
found it hard to believe that Lord Krishna would make
such an utterance (This Karma Yogi Raha who bases his
Karma Yogi title based on the teaching of Lord Krishna
doubts and does not attempt to raise his understanding
to assimilate what Lord Krishna said, does not take it
for granted that Lord would not say a lie, and in turn
doubts and attributes the authorship to some one
else), finds brotherhood in Gayatri  etc.

Probably, Japanese meat in an Indian Body can cause or
possibly increase 'crazy' ideas.

It is more pertinant to present argument on valid
logic and facts, so we all can be enlightened in your
theory of logic.

In my earlier posts, I have been a harsh critic, and
sympathetic soul towards Raha's plight, thinking that
he was a spiritual sadhak in the tradition of Bhagavan
Sankara, and also thinking that Raha was a born
vegetarian but due to force of circumstances he is
adapting to new life style, I/we forwarrded spiritual,
non-spiritual reasons for being a vegetarian for
spiritual his progress. I realise now that it was
un-necessary because he clarified that he was a
non-vegetarian anyway. He is born with the samskara of
eating meat and specific caste and sect and his
casanas are strong to justify and endlessly argue in
defence. For him my views are not applicable. He
possibly needs higher subtlity to understand these
concepts. It can only come by time and sheer

It would make more sense if he answers my questions on
his Karma Yoga practice. If he is truly practicing
Karma Yoga, then he deserves all recognition and

Until then happy meating !!

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- Ashish Chandra <ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> On Fri, 17 May 2002 13:12:34 +0900, Somik Raha
> <somik at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> >
> >Besides- it seems to me so shocking that the
> Gayatri matra - written by a
> >woman - should not be recited by women! The mantra
> is so beautiful - it
> >talks about universal brotherhood and harmony - how
> can it destroy
> >motherhood in a woman ?
> >
> Ok. Check your facts first. You quoted Swami
> Vivekananda as having
> consulted Sri Ramakrishna before he set out for
> America whether he could
> eat beef (1893). But Sri Ramakrishna had died 7
> years ago (1886). I had
> asked you to give a reference and you haven't even
> responded to that.
> The Gayatri mantra does not talk of universal
> brotherhood and harmony. The
> Gayatri Mantra was not written by a woman, not by a
> man, not even Bhagawan.
> It is eternal, like the rest of the Veda Mantras,
> and like them, has a
> specific power and Devata associated with it. It
> should be taken from a
> Guru, usually at the time of Upanayan (janeu), and
> should be recited daily
> by a Dvija male for the rest of his karmic life. The
> mantra beseeches the
> Lord of the Universe, as manifested in the Sun, to
> make our intellects
> shine (for the purpose of knowing Him). Mantra has a
> power and it should
> not be randomly recited. You would not randomly eat
> fruits from a tree you
> know nothing about, would you.
> ashish

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