Advaita and Trika system

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--- shrI nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >Why vivartavAda? It seems to me that ajAtivAda should be
> >the correct characterization of adhyArOpa-apavAda
> >doctrine of advaita. Is vivartavAda the correct term?
> Ajaativaada or the doctrine of no-origination is taught
> by Gaudapaada in his
> Kaarikaas - logic is very similar to Naagaarjuna's -
> since neither birth nor
> death, origination nor destruction can be logically
> proved - the world is
> like a city of Gaandharvaas - an illusion (maya).
> So changes that we see in the world are unreal (mithya)
> and appearance
> (vivartha) only.
> The world itself seen without the lens of causality (ie
> without conceptual
> constructions) is Brahman.
> Vivarthavaada is the natural corollary of ajaativaada.
Many thanks to shrI nandaji for this post. But, how is the
last sentence true? If so then why do we need a different
name and theory to prove what would logically follow?



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