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>Why vivartavAda? It seems to me that ajAtivAda should be
>the correct characterization of adhyArOpa-apavAda
>doctrine of advaita. Is vivartavAda the correct term?

Ajaativaada or the doctrine of no-origination is taught by Gaudapaada in his
Kaarikaas - logic is very similar to Naagaarjuna's - since neither birth nor
death, origination nor destruction can be logically proved - the world is
like a city of Gaandharvaas - an illusion (maya).

So changes that we see in the world are unreal (mithya) and appearance
(vivartha) only.

The world itself seen without the lens of causality (ie without conceptual
constructions) is Brahman.

Vivarthavaada is the natural corollary of ajaativaada.

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  According to the philosophy of Advaitha, the non-duality of the
self and the almighty is embodied in various scriptures, which
expotiates the power of the Almighty, The same almighty encomposes
the cosmos.

        One question which I could not find an answer
reading quite some literature with regards to this all pervasive
power, is the metabolic activity of the human body.

     could anyone guide me as to which parts of the scriptures
deal with the food habits, which type of food causes what
affect/which type of food cleanses the soul/ why is
non-vegeterianism forbid...for if the almighty pervades all then
what is the difference between an egg of a fowl and a mango(both
expotiate life, both are metabolically digested, both procreate
into next generation).

   Is there any literature available on this subject. I recollect
a lecture from  ISCKON where the lecturer teaching the GiTa had
quoted parts of it which dealt with this effect of food on the
human body/soul/physique. but that was only one of the

  Any responses would sincerely be appreciated. would the
enlightened embody me with some pointers to this subject..

=H.C Subramanian

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