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Please look into

some light on the effects of different food items on
the mind.

Hope it helps...


--- hemang Chamakuzhi Subramanian
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> Hello,
>   According to the philosophy of Advaitha, the
> non-duality of the
> self and the almighty is embodied in various
> scriptures, which
> expotiates the power of the Almighty, The same
> almighty encomposes
> the cosmos.
>         One question which I could not find an
> answer
> reading quite some literature with regards to this
> all pervasive
> power, is the metabolic activity of the human body.
>      could anyone guide me as to which parts of the
> scriptures
> deal with the food habits, which type of food causes
> what
> affect/which type of food cleanses the soul/ why is
> non-vegeterianism forbid...for if the almighty
> pervades all then
> what is the difference between an egg of a fowl and
> a mango(both
> expotiate life, both are metabolically digested,
> both procreate
> into next generation).
>    Is there any literature available on this
> subject. I recollect
> a lecture from  ISCKON where the lecturer teaching
> the GiTa had
> quoted parts of it which dealt with this effect of
> food on the
> human body/soul/physique. but that was only one of
> the
> interpretations.
>   Any responses would sincerely be appreciated.
> would the
> enlightened embody me with some pointers to this
> subject..
> Regards.
> =H.C Subramanian
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