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>  According to the philosophy of Advaitha, the non-duality of the
>self and the almighty is embodied in various scriptures, which
>expotiates the power of the Almighty, The same almighty encomposes
>the cosmos.
>        One question which I could not find an answer
>reading quite some literature with regards to this all pervasive
>power, is the metabolic activity of the human body.
>     could anyone guide me as to which parts of the scriptures
>deal with the food habits, which type of food causes what
>affect/which type of food cleanses the soul/ why is
>non-vegeterianism forbid...for if the almighty pervades all then
>what is the difference between an egg of a fowl and a mango(both
>expotiate life, both are metabolically digested, both procreate
>into next generation).

As far as I know, the emphasis is not on absolute ahimsa but minimal himsa.
Also, the rules of eating/not eating meat are different for different
varnas. Meat is generally said to have rajasic-tamasic properties. Sattvic
food is the best and consists of fruits, nuts and milk etc. For more
information on this, you can consult the Manu Smriti at


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