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 Hari Om. What is called as mind in English, is recognised as atleast three different phases in Hindu Vedanta. Mana, Buddhi and Chitta. Probably when we are discussing this topic, we should identify one of these facets. I will post a bit more later. Sai Ram.
Swamy SV
  Lalita Iyer <lalita_iyer at YAHOO.COM> wrote: Hari Om, When we operate from the recognising mode of
the mind, we can see reality inspite of duality. The
reality has to be recognised and not grasped because
it is not available for that. When we resolve the mind
for its purpose we are THAT in spite of duality. This
what I mean when I say going beyond the mind and
resolving it. Nothing changes for us except a
re-cognition.Once we have understood a fact about our
self what else is there to do except play our roles
skillfully till our body is alive. Lalita
--- Swaminarayan T wrote:
> Lalita Iyer wrote:
> Harihi Om , I would like to add that actually going
> beyond the mind is seeing through the mind. Mind is
> mityha it has to be resolved. Even after knowledge
> the
> mind is still there.
> --------------------------------------------------
> By your above statement,are you implying that a jiva
> which is endowed with a mind,when in sadhana
> ,endevouring to go beyond its mind is actually using
> its mind to do so? Has not the jiva got to negate
> its own mind , in order to be "ITSELF"? Is that
> what you imply by saying that the mind has to be
> resolved? How then does the jiva resolve the mind ?
> Mind is the instrument through which everything is
> cognised. When the mind is kept in "Amana -bhaava"
> (NonMind) , this Dwaita, consisting of Name and
> Form, gets negated ,when the jiva that does sadhana,
> verily, transcends the mind and remaining as "Kevala
> Dhrug", merges in its essance which is nothing but
> "Sat Chit Ananda--Brahman"
> Hari Om!
> Swaminarayan.
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