lalitaa sahasranAma: uttara piiThikaa - Some verses to consider (81 - 84)

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verse 84

rahasyanAmasahasram tasmaadsa.ngopayedidam |
svatantreNa mayaanoktam tavaapi kalashiisuta |

Hence, this secret 1000 names should be kept concealed. O pot-born
sage, even to you I did not reveal it on my own accord.

1) Here hayagriiva says that he revealed not on his own, but under the
command of ambaaL.

2) If sahasranAma is level I secret, trishati is level II. The
restrictions on trishatii are even stronger. This will be clear from
trishatii puurva piiThikaa. Refer to verse 11 of trishatii puurva
piiThika (entire puurva is there on and this verse 11, I did
not translate it accurately -- since the sanskrit text is there you can
read it for yourself). Which in essence says that "as carefully one
guards the illicit affair of one's mother from others knowing it, vidya
(knowledgde or mantra) should be guarded, thus says the agama-s. One
has to guard sarvapuurtikarii stuti (trishati) even more carefully.
What is guarded is not the relation between ambaaL and bhakta. But the
text  itself. I had big trouble translationg "svamAtr jaaravatgopyaa" -
later I was told this is what it means.

svamAtR^i jaaravat.h gopyaa vidyaa eshhaH iti agamaa jaguH |
tato ati gopaniyaa me sarva-puurtikarii stutiH || 11 ||

3) Secrecy is now only an academic discussion, as the texts are  known
quite publicly and to all.  Everything is indeed ambaaL's will. SHE
herself says that agastya should know (to hayagriiva) and the world
will benefit from him.

4) As regard to trishatii -- verses in its uttara are similar in
content and words. trishatii is closely tied to panchadashaxari than
sahasranaama. The term "vidya" in its verse, should be taken as
shriividya only and not just knowledge (based on context and sequence).
Lalita sahasranAma, clearly spells it out as shriividya (verse 83).

I will conclude it in the next post. I am no authority on these
matters, each person should do what his/her guru says. My intention
here is to share whatever little I know. I clearly understand that I
may be wrong.

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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