lalitaa sahasranAma: uttara piiThikaa - Some verses to consider (81 - 84)

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 Om Sri Matre Namaha.
I have been following the postings with a lot of interest. On the face of it, the word 'Gopya' does mean secret, but then now a days, we find a lot of books, cassettes, commentaries etc. But the point is without Mother's permission, that book or cassette etc. will not reach us. After all, Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram was not 'authored' by Lord Sri Hayagriva. He gives it to Sri Agastya, on being requested and also says that He is speaking by the prompt of Mother.
Once we accept that Sri Mata is Supreme, and that nothing will happen without Her consent, it also follows that only those whose merits preponderate over their demerits will get a desire to listen or to sing the Supreme Mother's glory. And the deeper esoteric meanings will be clear to them either by their own intellect or through a Guru's grace, again only the Mother is pleased.
I narrate my own experience, not to boast but in a true humble spirit. I bought a cassette of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram, but promptly lost it (may be I have heard once). And Sri Devi Bhagavatham came into my hand for reading, but I could read only one chapter and the next day my brother passed away in an accident and I had to break off the study of that sacred book for 1 year. Only after that, after again performing a puja and receiving the book from the hands of my Guruji, His Holiness Sri Sankaracharya of Hampi Virupaksha Vidyaranya Peetham, I could complete the Devi Bhagavatham.
And I developed an interest in LS and got a book. I am able to read it off and on. I try to read it on every Friday. And recently I got a copy of Sri Chandi Sapta Shati but could not read it.
I feel the Supreme Mother decides what we can do and cannot do.
Hari Om.
Swamy Swarna
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ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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