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Dear friends!

A Jiva is probably a projection of the Self
(Paramatma) through a specific window of a
multi-dimensional space into or onto this
three-dimensional world. So when the Jiva tries to
trace back its origin through that window backwards,
it encounters the window (mind). And if the Jiva can
go beyond, it does reach the true Self, i.e. itself.
Am I making sense?


In your above observation,we  could equate ' The Self ' with "Brahman"  and ' The Paramatman' with "Ishwara" (As opposed to Brahman ).Further let us equate the 'multi dimensional space'  mentioned by you with the "Tri pada " of Purusha Suktam and the 'Three dimentional world' refered to by you to "Pada" of Purusha Suktam -this Universe.

The Jiva which is the Mumukshu here ,when, by its sadhana ,negates the mind, in effect,negates the Paramatman also  and gets  instantly liberated.

As preached in the Dhrig Dhrishya Vivekam :

"Tada Dhrashtuhu swarupe awasthaanam ". Meaning, At that time, the Seer -The Witness  - remains in his own Swarupa.

"Brahma Tat Tadaa" .  "Then, That is Brahman"

Then, verily, there is no " seer ", " seen " or " the process of seeing" !

Hari Om!


Swamy Swarna

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