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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Fri May 3 18:02:10 CDT 2002

>Unfortunately, such a person exists not only in your thoughts, but in the
>thoughts of all the persons on this list. Since there seems to be a lot of
>correlation between the thoughts and experiences of different people, there
>is some merit in assuming that, on the face of it, the world as we see it
>not pure imagination. On the other hand, different people don't have the
>same dreams, so this seems to be one difference between the two states.

Namaste Aniruddhan,

B: I will give the standard answer: Suppose I see a dream where in
I see Aniruddhan and Jaldhar and I see a car pass by. In the dream
both Aniruddhan and Jaldhar will seem to see exactly the same car.
That is to say the universe in a dream appears the same to the characters
in that dream. So this cannot be a valid difference between dream and
wakeup states.

>>B: What makes you so sure that there really exsits something other than
>>you. You can NEVER prove this hypothesis.
>Probably, and that is why we have Sruti to tell us about the existence of
>omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent entity called 'brahman' and that we
>are essentially the same as that entity.

B: I am not denying existence of brahman. But may be you can clarify how
this is related to the above point.

Best regards

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