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Aniruddhan ani at EE.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri May 3 16:22:48 CDT 2002

Namaste Sri Shrinivas Gadkari,

>B: I strongly disagree. I am (apparently) responding to a Jaldhar Vyas whom
>I have created by my own thoughts. I cannot assume that there really is
>such a person as Jaldhar Vyas, it is all in my own thoughts.

Unfortunately, such a person exists not only in your thoughts, but in the
thoughts of all the persons on this list. Since there seems to be a lot of
correlation between the thoughts and experiences of different people, there
is some merit in assuming that, on the face of it, the world as we see it is
not pure imagination. On the other hand, different people don't have the
same dreams, so this seems to be one difference between the two states.

>The Jaldhar
>Vyas that I am replying to is as imaginary as the people I see in my

Since this world in the waking state is the creation of Ishvara, and your
dream is your creation, I think there is some difference between the waking
and dream states, notwithstanding the fact that we are looking at this from
the waking state only. I would however agree that from the point of view of
the turiya state, both waking and dream states are equally unreal (rather,
they are both unreal).

>B: What makes you so sure that there really exsits something other than
>you. You can NEVER prove this hypothesis.

Probably, and that is why we have Sruti to tell us about the existence of an
omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent entity called 'brahman' and that we
are essentially the same as that entity.

Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
namAmi bhagavatpAda Sam.karam lokaSam.karam


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